Zoo roulette is an online casino game with zoo as the game background, full of fun and intellectual test. It’s like looking for your favorite animal in a zoo.

Zoo roulette game start interface
Zoo roulette game start interface

Game winning tricks ant rules

The rules of the roulette game are very simple. After the player enters the game, they can start to choose the amount of betting gold coins; the player will have 20 seconds to bet on various animals, and the proportion of each animal will change with the change of the system; When a player wins a prize, a certain number of prizes will be awarded.

Each animal corresponds to two kinds of animals, birds and beasts. Players can bet chips on birds and beasts. If they are hit, they will get the corresponding game multiplier product. In addition to the betting points for 8 animals, the game also provides betting points for Songle Golden Shark and Silver Shark.

zoo roulette game tricks

game has 11 areas for betting chips. Each chip area has a different animal pattern. If you hit an animal, you will get a different bonus.

  • The rules and win techniques are the same as Car roulette
  • The chip betting area is the same as Baccarat and Andar Bahar.

Whether in a crowded car roulette game or a zoo in a big forest, you must not be confused.Although the game rules between them are the same, there are still some differences in the gameplay.

Zoo roulette Each animal has a different odds, the animal appears to show the win
Zoo roulette pigeon winning interface

At the beginning of the game, different animal graphics have different chances, and the selected animal wins

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