Rich Rummy Dragon vs Tiger game is a well-known game supplier in India. In the Rich Rummy game, we can easily find any popular online casino cash games in India.

Rich Rummy Dragon vs Tiger

Is Rich Rummy a credible website?

“Rich Rummy is very reliable, and their APP operation is also very stable, especially we are worried about the slow speed of winning and withdrawal, but the speed of withdrawal of Rich Rummy is very fast”

According to online casino professional Rahul Roy

Game features

Their game launched the “Christmas Bonus Cash Back” program at the beginning of Christmas.

  • Deposit 10% free chips
  • Dragon Tiger Fight Daily Rebate Up to 98%
  • Play games to win money with immediate withdrawal, the fastest 3 minutes to the account
  • It doesn’t matter if the game is lost, the chips will be returned to your game account within the specified number of days each day.
  • The more recharge, the higher the game level, and the shorter the return time of lost principal.

Rich Rummy’s event has now started, and it is said that the event only lasted 100 days.

As of now, we have not seen the player reward interface in its app, which may be launched and displayed in December.–yKTI
Rich Rummy Dragon vs Tiger apk

This is the same as earning interest on bank deposits.But if you win, they allow you to withdraw cash immediately

Deposit instructions

The game deposit option of its application does not exceed Rs 50,000 for a single deposit, and there are many other deposit options, which you can choose at will.

Rs and chip exchange rate

Currently their event chip bonus 10% is given away for free

For example: Rs 100 = 1100 chips 100 of these chips are free

Of course, if you deposit more, you will get more free chips, if you deposit Rs 50000 you will get 550,000 chips.

Please note that their free chips do not allow cash withdrawals. This is a way to prevent player fraud, but you can use free chips to play the game. If you win the game, you can withdraw cash.

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