Car Roulette is a relatively unfamiliar online roulette game. Car Roulette is different from Russian roulette. Their interface is completely different. The game is like a lot of racing cars racing on the highway, full of excitement.

Car roulette’s best strategy to win

? game rules

Car roulette game is colorful and the plot is introduced. Players can experience unlimited fun in the game.

You decide in the game whether to make a banker or choose to make a bet. After a player chooses to become the banker, other players will be able to place bets based on their own judgment.

8 betting areas

Big Benz, Little Benz, Big BMW, Little BMW, Big Audi, Little Audi, Big Volkswagen, and Small Volkswagen respectively represent 5 different odds; the red light will start to rotate after the game starts, and the red light will stop after a few laps, and the red light will stop. The position represents the result of the game.

game interface
Car roulette video winning tips

Best betting strategy

Learn to give up Learn to give up! In fact, whether we learn to give up in Car roulette, we must learn to give up in any game of chance!

Learning to give up is an essential game skill for many gamers. In the car roulette game, players generally need to abandon Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen area, because the multiplier in Volkswagen area is lower and will not get more game chips.

During the game, players can bet based on the probability of appearance of the public. If there are six or seven people in the game, then two BMWs will come out, of which the yellow BMW is the most.

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