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7 Up 7 Down is a simple dice game that provides only three basic betting options. There are few dice games available at Indian online casinos and so this makes it an interesting option.

7 Up 7 Down game

Please stay with us while explaining how to play the game in the article guide. We will also reveal game skills and highlight important issues surrounding the legal aspects of the game. So, let’s start to summarize our expectations when playing 7 Up 7 Down.

How to start playing the game?

This dealer deals each player seven cards in a row then puts the remaning cards in a face down pile in center of players. Then players take cards from the pile and flip them to get an ace to seven of any suit. Then they put them in order (Ace is one, seven is seven) the first player to flip up all cards wins.

Game rules and strategies

After being discussed so much, you would now wonder how to play 7Up-7Down, so here are the basics to play the game.

  • First, a participant has to choose one out of 3 alternatives, namely, 7up, 7 or 7 down. These types of games have a winning amount that may be changed from the positive and negative sign buttons under the boxes.
  • The participant has to pick the amount by changing it, relying upon the quantity of cash they have. A participant can’t select more than the quantity of cash they own.
  • Subsequently, the participant has to roll the pair of cubes, and the end result suggests by including the numbers on each dice.
  • If the result range is beneath or above 7, the participant gets double the selected quantity. If the range is precisely 7, the player gets 3 xs (depending on casino rules) the selected amount. If the wide variety does not appear consistent with the chosen alternative, the participant loses the bet amount.

He is a fairly simple game with very simple and easy rules. Roll two dice in the game. If the numbers on the two dice add up to match your bet, then the player is the winner.

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