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The rules of the Dragon vs Tiger Fighting game are very similar to the famous Baccarat, but it is easier to learn and use to operate. For novice players who are new to online platforms, learning Dragon vs Tiger Fighting games requires understanding of the rules.

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Start, and then learn to read the rules and changes of street signs, you must also refer to dozens of betting techniques in the Dragon Tiger Fighting game. The process of the above steps, if there is no guidance from the old players, just blindly explore, it is difficult to achieve in a short time. Enjoy the fun of the game and the sense of accomplishment of winning.

After adjusting the rules, Dragon vs Tiger Fight allows novice players to enter the situation more quickly. The logical reasoning level is not as complicated and difficult to understand as baccarat. In addition to the convenience of the online operation page, the player’s experience is better. It has been positively improved. According to statistics from many online casinos, it is found that new members are second only to the original baccarat in accepting dragon and tiger fighting. Whether this is true or not, you must experience it in person to know it. Insider.

Dragon vs Tiger

Dragon vs Tiger is a card game in which the number of points is judged. It also uses 6 to 8 complete poker cards without ghost cards. The big difference is the change of “Banker” and “Player” to ” “Dragon” and “Tiger”, in terms of points calculation, the public card “K” is the largest, and the “Ace” is the smallest. When the cards have the same points, the “suits” are compared. The sizes of the suits are spades and hearts in order. , Clubs, and diamonds, if the cards have the same number of points and suits, it is judged as a “tie”.

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In the Dragon vs Tiger game, each player must place a bet before the croupier distributes cards. After each player has finished betting, the croupier will only distribute “one card” to the dragon and tiger two blocks, and the distribution of cards also has The order of points must be “dragon and tiger”, and then the dragon and tiger will compare the card face size or suit. The one with the larger card face or suit is the winner.

<div><br class=”Apple-interchange-newline”>In addition, in Dragon Tiger Fight, in addition to the betting blocks of “Dragon” and “Tiger”, players can also bet on “Dragon Order”, “Dragon Double”, “Tiger Order” and “Tiger Order”. “Double”, “Dragon Red”, “Dragon Black”, “Tiger Red”, “Tiger Black” items, as well as “odd-even” and “red-black” only refer to whether the card is odd or even. The suit color shows “spades” and “Sticks” are “black”, and “red hearts” and “squares” are regarded as “red”.</div>

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