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Dragon Tiger is a thrilling, simple card game that can be played for money. Here are winnable tips that players can implement when playing this game.
There are only two cards in the Dragon Tiger game, and there are three possible outcomes. Dragon or Tiger will win, and there may be a tie (push). Longhu does not offer many side bets. However, you can bet on the suit of the card you want to win and bet whether the winning card is a big or a small card. The real-time variant of the game offers optional bets on flush draws with amazing odds.

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Dragon-Tiger Fighting Skill 1: The Zhuangxian Law is transformed into the Dragon-Tiger Law!
The reason for the first trick of the dragon-tiger fighting technique is not difficult to understand. After deducting the odds of 1 to 1 for the Dragons and Tigers, the odds of a tie is 1 to 8. In terms of probability, buying double will pay you eight times. Of course, the probability of buying a tie will be lower. In addition, in Dragon Tiger’s opening record, although there are records showing the opening of the tie, the player cannot observe the pattern to determine the direction of the subsequent hand. Therefore, For most experienced players, ignoring the tie is the basic concept.

Dragon and Tiger Fighting Skill 2: Single and double red and black are double-sided blades!
In the Dragon Tiger Fight, the odds of “Odd, Double, Red, Black” and so on are lower than ordinary betting on Dragon Tiger. The reason why the odds will be lower is simply because the odds are higher. Big, if you buy a single double, either open an order or open an double, if you buy a red black, either open a red or open a black, then the probability of buying is almost 50%, why not recommend to bet? Odds and reds 4 big bets It is also difficult to observe the rules and changes of the block for the opening record. Players are advised to only pay attention to the banker player or the dragon and tiger block. The reason is that the variability can be found through the road order and the opening record. However, , The betting that cannot be judged by observation to determine the direction of the game is just pure luck for the player. Therefore, before Longhudou is not familiar with and not enough to master, choose the two blocks of Longhu to proceed with heart. , Is the more efficient dragon and tiger fighting skills.

Dragon and Tiger Fighting Skill 3: Waiting for the rabbit is the strongest hunting skill!
When entering a new game, it will inevitably take time to adapt to the game tidying process. Therefore, when you are new to the Dragon-Tiger Fighting game to use the Dragon-Tiger Fighting skills, the better strategy is to “stand by and wait for the rabbit” first and only observe the changes in the game. , Use the game time to quickly find your own rhythm, so that you can have more direction and mastery when betting. Here is a special dragon and tiger fighting technique for your reference. It is called “Two rounds set the world”. The execution method is quite simple. It is necessary to observe the “first two rounds” at the beginning of the game to determine the direction of subsequent betting. Assuming that the first two rounds are played “Double Dragon” or “Double Tiger”, you can bet the same result in the third round, open the dragon to buy the dragon, open the tiger to buy the tiger, on the contrary, if the first two rounds are opened, “one dragon and one tiger” are opened. The game will continue to wait until this rule of dragon and tiger is broken, and “Long and Tiger” is drawn before betting.


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