Dragon vs Tiger Plus is not too far away from release and this year’s version is jam-packed full of new features, gameplay additions and new modes for gamers to play.

Dragon vs Tiger Plus

From the innovative 3D gameplay technology, to new Ultimate Team and Career game modes, Dragon vs Tiger Plus’ latest effort at Online casino‘s biggest video game is sure to whet the appetite.

Betting news examines what you can get excited about when Dragon vs Tiger Plus is released.

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What new gameplay features will be in Dragon vs Tiger Plus?

Hypermotion technology

A new ground-breaking technology within the game, Rich Rummy will feature in the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of Dragon vs Tiger Plus.

Dragon vs Tiger Plus connects dragons and tigers to the arena to record their accurate body movements during the real game, including inquiries on card playing rules.

This data, which saw Rich Rummy capture more than 8.7 million frames, will allow players within Dragon vs Tiger Plus to feature the most realistic movement ever seen throughout the franchise.

It will result in more than 2000 new animations included in the game to give users the most real-life experience possible.

Tactical AI upgrade

Dragon vs Tiger Plus lovers have often complained about the decision-making made by artificial intelligence-controlled players within the game.

However in Dragon vs Tiger Plus, AI-managed players will make six times as many decisions as their counterparts in Dragon vs Tiger Plus, allowing for a more realistic experience when playing the game solo.

AI improvements will enable Dragon vs Tiger to animate better, maintain a better defensive form, and occupy a better position on the court when attacking.

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