PG SLOT sincerely invites you to find the best chef with us. In early May 2021, PG Slots released a new game with the theme of Japan. The slot machine friend played another game, Sushi Oishi. Sushi Oishi, this is a game with a secret re-spin function. Come in and increase the bonus multiplier.

The theme of this Oishi slot game is the famous Japanese sushi. In the competition to find the best sushi chef, we invite chefs who are good at cooking from all over the world to compete and win the best sushi chef award

And this year, chef Hoden, who won the best sushi chef every year, also participated in the competition.

Rely on the ability of chef Hoden to turn sushi into something delicious and the people who taste it. They even say that tasting chef Hoden’s sushi will bring them good luck.

Sushi Oishi is a 4-line, 5-reel video slot machine with Respins and secret symbols. This can increase the multiplier reward to 3 times, 4 times, and 5 times. If the symbol appears anywhere, it will trigger the reward function. At the beginning of the bonus function, reels 2 and 4 will be filled with secret symbols, and the secret re-spin function will be performed. This slot game supports IOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and Web HTML5 at the same time. Friends can use UC8 to play slot games.

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