You may not be familiar with bird slot machines, but as long as I tell you about Egyptian slot machine and rhino slot machine games, you will definitely not be unfamiliar.

Bird Slots

In Indian online casinos we found a new competitor for crazy slot games, probably one of the best new online slot machines!

Bird Slots has incredible graphics, you might like its cute feather actors, you might even like the game and find the rest to be quite boring, I do think if any of these three things are in a slot machine for you It’s a very important game, it’s hard not to find something you like here.

Bird Slots video

From the farm to the big city, birds and flowers fragrant. You will definitely have hope for this uniquely structured video slot machine, which provides continuously upgraded gameplay in the basic game rounds, as well as gambling games and free spin bonus functions.

Story theme

If you don’t like cuteness and fun, fly away and migrate to the south now, because the birds are definitely crowded with cute 3D animated bird friends who live on the electric towers in the countryside (for the basic game) and in the city center ( Used for bonus rounds). The music and special effects are equally cartoonish and cute. Although it is strange that it is not exciting at all, the balance between fun and following the game style is just right, without affecting your sanity.

There are no old-fashioned playing card icons, nor any other traditional slot game symbols that can be found anywhere in this game. The high-paying icons are 10 different birds, each with its own colored feathers and unique game personality. There is a wild but real game theme for the rest, this is a multi-colored wild bird, not a game logo, able to replace all symbols.

By the way, it also has a name called Birds and Beasts Slots

Gameplay and features

Birds completely cancels the traditional spin, which is a novelty for slot games, while still retaining the 5×3 reel structure. I heard you ask how it did it? Well, every time you press the spin button, you will find 15 birds flying in, and there are various beautiful fishes swimming in the middle. This is certainly not the first time it has been done in a slot game.

Bird Slots is a simple game. Once you master it, it will successfully combine unique and interesting themes with a very simple game style seamlessly. We think this will be a popular game and the best slot machine One of the competitors is online. With a good winning potential and betting range, this should appeal to many types of slot game players.

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