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Dragon vs Tiger game APK is India’s favorite online casino game. The Dragon vs Tiger game APK currently has Rich Rummy, Happy Dragon vs Tiger game and Rainbow Dragon vs Tiger game available in India.

Why do Indians like to play Dragon vs Tiger pattern online casino games the most? The Dragon vs Tiger game is a skill game that everyone likes very much because of its simple betting method and easy to identify.

Dragon and tiger pattern game skills

Dragon vs Tiger pattern

Probability statistics in Dragon vs Tiger online casino tell us that the most advantageous bet in casino gambling is to roll the dice-do not bet with the maximum additional odds.

Download Dragon vs Tiger game APK 2.0.3 and all version history for Android.
Dragon Tiger win probability

Probability statistics also tell us that if you continue to play long enough, no bets in the casino will not cause the casino to take every penny of your money.

Bet only on Dragon or Tiger

This is a safe bet for new players without any experience. You bet on this door to accept the probability of your door is 50%.

Win Dragon Tiger

Rotate bets on Dragon or Tiger

Players following this method will observe the winning history of both sides of the Tiger Tiger to find out the rules of when the Tiger comes out and the Dragon to place:


History: R H H H R HH R R R H => So you can see that after every 2 games of R-H results, the next game will always go to Tiger. So let’s wait for the results to return Dragon – Tiger then fight Tiger right game 3.

Tie only bet


This is the riskiest Dragon Tiger bet. Before deciding to follow this door, you need to observe from 20 to 30 games and record the results.

If the probability of a tie is higher than 30% (that is, there will be at least 3 draws every 10 games) then you can safely place a tie in the next 10 games.

If the probability of returning to the door is lower than 30% of certain brothers should not be placed.

Because the tie pays 1 to 8, so if the result does not return to this door at least 1 after every 8 games (12.5%), you will surely lose. So before you make a bet you need to keep track of the bet history to know what the likelihood of winning is before putting money.

So to make Dragon Tiger bet x2 just need: knowing the rules of the game + choosing a reasonable bet + choosing the smart bet as above will make sure of the 90% chance of winning at betting house in the Dragon Tiger table. Huge prizes are waiting for you.

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