Speaking of slot machines, the most memorable thing for everyone is how to play the Grand Slam. Every time everyone plays together, it’s quite envious to see who plays the Grand Slam, and the game really has such a big event, so everyone’s enthusiasm for slot machines has not changed. I will teach you a general method today. The general gameplay, this kind of winning game, is also something that many people want to know or have never seen. The method is basically universal, share it with everyone.

Slot machine

The first step: put some coins first, the best machine has about 500 points.

Step 2: Press 8 buttons from left to right –12233445-, and then press the start button to release (this unlock code is mainly for the 12345 version, other versions can be free to click).

The third step: When the above score is completed (that is, after entering the password), no matter how much the prize is won, the score will be returned to the total score column. Then move the 32 points to the ratio multiplier column (don’t use this point value as the ratio size-just move the point to the past), and then immediately turn it off and then turn it on again. (Press and hold the start button at the same time when powering on, and release the start button when the ratio bar returns to the total score column automatically with 32 points. You don’t need to wait for all to move before letting go.) After that, press each button again. Press some points to go up, each button can press a point (press it at will), and then press the start button to let it start running.

At this time, you are mainly observing what is going on in this matter? If there is only a small one, a large one, or the one in the middle to send the lights. Regardless of it, put the score back in the total score column.

Then move the 64 point to the scale bar, then turn it off and on, press it again, and let it run again to see if it is 5 lights or 6 lights. Because what we want is 5 or 6 lights, so the compensation is very fast, and it can be done with just one click.

Those above have not shown 5 or 6 lights, then look for it again, move 64 minutes to the past, and then move a little more.

The fourth step; if you give 6 lights or 5 lights at 55 or 42 points or a certain number, then you are done. First put your score back into the total score column. Then move the score you just found to the multiplier bar, then turn off and turn on again, and you must press the start button at the same time when you turn on the machine (this is done every time you find a lamp). Then you can press a lot of points, and you can press it all (you can, if you are not afraid of it, you can also press a little first). After pressing it, press the start button to run, and you will find that the machine has sent 6 lights, and you have won some.

If you feel that it is not enough, then come again, put the score back into the total score column, and then move the score you just moved into the ratio double column, turn off, turn on again, and press down a lot of points. At this moment, the machine is running again. 6 lights. (100% win money)

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