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Dragon vs Tiger In the poker category of online casinos, Dragon vs. Tiger is the easiest to win. Some people may think this is baccarat, but it is not the case. Among all the games, Dragon Tiger Fight is definitely the easiest one. Is there any way to win money easily? let’s see.

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Dragon Tiger Fighting Game Introduction

Dragon vs Tiger is a big poker game. Players first place their bets on the “Dragon”, “Tiger” or “Tie” position, then the dealer will deal to the “Dragon” position, and then the card will be dealt to the “Tiger” and then compare the sizes. , With the big winner. If the points of two cards are the same, it is a tie, no suit is counted, only the points are counted, and the order of the card sizes is as follows:
K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A. The order is that K is the largest and A is the smallest.

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Dragon and Tiger Fighting Payouts

When betting on “Dragon” or “Tiger”, the winner loses a round.
The “tie” bet is eight points.
The croupier does not draw any commission for opening “Dragon” or “Tiger”, but if the player places a bet on “Dragon” or “Tiger”, the croupier will draw 50% of the commission and the balance will be returned to the player…

Calculated with a deck of 52 cards. The probability of sum is (4/52)*(3/51)=0.0045
Players only bet on the dragon, the player win rate is 0.4955, and the banker advantage is 0.0090
Players only bet on tigers, the player’s win rate is 0.4955, and the banker advantage is 0.0090
Player only bet on a tie, the player’s win rate is 0.0362 (or 1:8 if you win), and the banker advantage is 0.9276

If each bet is 3 yuan, the dragon/tiger/ is 1 yuan each, the player’s win rate is 0.3424, and the banker advantage is 0.3152.

The first pair of Baccarat (5% rake) has a house advantage of 1.01%, bets 1.29%, and bets 15.75%. If Longhudou’s betting odds are changed to 1:95, then the player’s win rate is 0.4299 and the banker advantage is 0.1403, which is very close to a baccarat draw.

Therefore, the dragon-tiger fighting game should reduce the draw; the winning rate of the dragon-tiger fighting is even better than that of baccarat.

Dragon VS Tiger Fighting Game Rules and Skills

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The so-called “jumping” means that the dragon and the tiger only appear once, and the opposite tiger and the dragon appear a second time. They will not appear twice in a row. We call it “jumping”, which means idle jump.

The so-called “lotus” is the dragon. The tiger appeared more than twice in a row. , Appears more than twice in a row each time. We call it “Lian”, that is, immortal lotus.

The so-called “sticky” means that the dragon and the tiger are also connected. From the dragon in the second row to the dragon in the tenth row, the dragon and the tiger are connected, like plywood glued together. Therefore, we vividly call this situation “sticky”

The so-called “mixed card shape” refers to “jumping”, “linking” and “sticking”, each of which has many or more than two types. We call this card shape a hybrid card shape. We can choose not to bet on this type of hand, because there are no rules to follow.

Dragon and Tiger Skill 1: Betting on Dragon and Tiger

First of all, we must first understand the player’s available betting odds. Ordinary players can bet on 11 types of betting options including Dragon, Tiger, Draw, Dragon Odd, Dragon Double, Tiger Odd, Tiger Double, Dragon Red, Dragon Black, Tiger Red, Tiger Black, etc. The ratio is 1:1, 1:1, 1 :8, 1:0.75, 1:1.05, 1:0.75, 1:1.05, 1:0.9, 1:1.9, 1:0.9, 1:1.9.

Therefore, the probability of dragon, tiger, and tie is higher, but the probability of tie is relatively low, so the chance of winning bet on dragon or tiger is higher. However, this bet requires compliance with some psychological methods. The most important thing is not to be greedy. The second is to bet in turns instead of betting every time. Finally, you can observe a few hands before you start betting.

Dragon Tiger Skill 2: Special betting numbers

The special betting number is actually a betting number. The betting odds are 3 times a number. The betting number is locked as a hot number, and then the betting amount is opened. If the hot number is 5, the first bet is 30 yuan for the second time. If you win, you will earn 60 yuan. If you lose, you will bet 60 yuan for the second hand and 120 yuan for the third bet. The selected number is a cold number.

In this way of betting, you have won the 8th time. At this time, you bet a total of 30+60+120+240+480+960+1920+3840=7650 yuan, but you can get 3840*3=11520 yuan, so you will still make money.

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