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This is exciting news. You can earn considerable rupees with your fingers. This does not require you to spend a penny.

There are many people who have made a lot of money by sharing games. Not only do they earn living expenses, but they also have a very substantial income every month. This is not a joke, it is true. As long as you have enough social media, you will definitely rely on sharing games to get rich returns.

See how others share experiences

I have been sharing the Rich Rummy game for more than 2 months. At first I didn’t believe that sharing the game can make money, but then I did receive the payment certificate from Rich Rummy.

——Rana Kumar

I am the Rich Rummy game recommended to me by my friend. I tried to share the Rich Rummy game with an experimental attitude. After sharing for a month, I got a 500 rupees sharing bonus, which makes me very excited because I have a fixed income every month and I still need to work hard.

—–Virendra Bisen

More money is made by sharing games. If you have enough social networks, you will definitely get rich bonuses for your efforts.

Let’s learn and share the ways to make money from games

1) Print the shared connection to convert the QR code, and publish advertisements everywhere.

2) Share your connection address via social media. You can join multiple game groups on Facebook and send shared connections regularly.

3) Share your connection address via WhatsApp, you can send a group to each friend on WhatsApp to share the game connection.

3) Share your connection address via Twitter, you can regularly send blog posts on Twitter, and bring your sharing connection on the blog posts.

Please enter keywords to share the connection, the effect is better, so which keywords are the most important? Here I will prepare some for your reference.

Rummy Teen patti Dragon vs Tiger

Okay, the above are the best sharing techniques for games in 2021. Below we will show you how to share them in practice?

1)Click the link to download the app first, and master the sharing skills

Rich Rummy

Recommended download address:

2) After downloading the Rich Rummy application, please install it. After installation, you must become a registered user, otherwise your sharing may not be recorded.

Rich Rummy

3)After becoming a registered user, please click here to get the sharing link code.

Rich Rummy

4)There are mainly three ways to share here, all of which can achieve the purpose of making money

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