Dragon VS Tiger has high prizes, but if you want to win high prizes in Dragon VS Tiger, you need a minimum deposit of 100 rupees, but you may feel high at 100 rupees, but the bonus you won in Dragon VS Tiger is more than what you paid Several times, this is the charm of Dragon VS Tiger.

If you lose money in Dragon vs. Tiger, the general problem is that you are too greedy. Whether it is a dragon-tiger fight or a baccarat game, you cannot be insatiable. Unless you have a lot of chips to bet big, you still have to be careful.


We have explored the techniques of how to win money in the Dragon and Tiger game. To win a dragon versus a tiger, we must pay attention to time and rules. Everything is regular, so you can start with a small stack. Start betting and find the Dragon vs. Tiger rule during the betting process. This is important, but you must remain calm.

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