The advent of online rummy has made it easier than ever for anyone to play. While technology has evolved, there’s one thing that has remained constant. Rummy is a skill-based card game, and you need skills and ever evolving strategies to win big. Considering there is real money up for grabs, here are 10 top tips worth noting to win big and keep losses to a minimum.

10 best tips for online Rummy

  1. Choose the right game
    In online rummy, you can choose from different types of games – free to play, cash-based games, and tournaments. Choose the game you’re most well-versed in, and keep playing until you are able to easily defeat seasoned opponents. Tournaments are usually tougher, and the stakes are high. So participate only when you are confident in your own skills.
  2. Arranging the cards
    Once you’ve chosen a game and been dealt a hand, it is imperative that you start with arranging the cards based on the suits. Some gaming platforms offer a ‘sort button’ that does the arranging with just one tap. It is considered a good habit to arrange the cards in alternate colour groups.
  3. Aim for a pure sequence
    From the very beginning, you should aim to create a pure sequence. This is basically a group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. It is also worth noting that a pure sequence is created without using a joker or wild card. By working towards creating a pure sequence, you will reduce the points collected at the end of the game.
  4. Discarding high value cards
    Though making a sequence is important, it is equally important (if not more) to quickly discard high point cards. Keeping hold of cards such as Ace, Jack, Queen or King to create sequences can be potentially dangerous. In the scenario that your opponent declares, you will be stuck with a high score.
  5. Use the joker wisely
    Joker is a very important card in rummy, and it can set you free at any instant. Joker cards are especially useful in completing a run or set of higher points. Even if you have a pure sequence, use the joker to create a second sequence. And if you have two sequences, then use the joker to create a sequence with higher point cards.
  6. Track your opponent’s moves
    Rummy is as much about your opponents as it is about you and your cards. Keep a close eye on what cards they pick or discard, and then tweak your strategies accordingly. In online rummy, you can hover the mouse cursor over other players for information on the kind of cards they have discarded.
  7. Bluffing your way to a win
    It is wise to keep your opponents on their toes throughout the game by making it difficult for them to track your game. Try to figure out the sequence they are creating and hold on to the cards that they might need the most. By doing that you deny the player valuable time on the table.

You can also hoodwink your opponent by discarding low-value cards at first as opposed to the common norm of getting rid of high point cards. This reverse bluffing technique is likely to trick your opponent into thinking that you have a good hand, and they might fold.

  1. When to drop out
    It is a very important skill to know when to drop out of a game. This is especially important when your hard-earned money is involved. If you realise that a bad hand has been dealt, drop out as early as possible. This way, even if you lose some points at the beginning, you will have fewer points to deal with in the next hand.
  2. Practice practice practice
    As we mentioned, rummy is a game based on the player’s skills. And nothing improves one’s skills than constant practice. The more you play, the better you will get. Fortunately, all platforms offer free-to-play tables for players to hone their skills and come up with newer strategies without the fear of losing money.
  3. Watching others play
    Another way to hone your skills is observe other players. Every player usually comes up with unique strategies to win a hand, and these can be useful when it is your turn to play. You can either watch videos of famous players to learn, or simply observe your online opponents.

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