Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we guarantee you hours of unlimited fun!

Calling all rummy fans! KhelPlay Rummy offers you the most exciting, real-time online rummy experience through its FREE, trusted, and player-friendly app for android phones. It is India’s first rummy app that offers engaging variations in addition to classic rummy, such as pool, points, and deals.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we guarantee you hours of unlimited fun!

Download it today and play Indian rummy with your family, friends, or lakhs of players across the globe!

Best Features of KhelPlay Rummy

• Join the rummy lobby in the ‘Play Now’ tab with a single touch
• Multiple rummy variants such as 10, 13, 21 & 27 cards
• Only platform with 27 card rummy game
• User-friendly interface with easy navigation
• Stunning, eye-catching graphics
• 24*7 Live Chat with customer support
• Multiplayer tables feature
• Experience ultimate rummy on your phone
• 100% safe & secure gaming experience

Choose from a wide variety of Indian rummy games like:

• POOL RUMMY – Pool 101 and Pool 201 (10 &13 cards)
• DEALS RUMMY – Best of 2, Best of 3 and Best of 6. (10,13, 21 & 27 cards)
• POINTS RUMMY – 10, 13, 21 & 27 cards

How to Play Rummy

Entertaining, challenging, and completely legal, rummy is a game of wits and skill that will keep you hooked and wanting to play one more game, always!

13 Cards Rummy Game
– Similar to Gin Rummy, it is played with 2 decks of 52 cards and one printed Joker in each deck
– Each player must make sequences and sets from their cards
– Players can complete their sets by drawing or discarding cards in each turn
– To win, you must declare a ‘show’ (make valid sets and sequences) before anyone else

Play the rummy game strategically and keep a close eye on your cards. Paying attention is the key to forming sequences (such as Ace-Two-Three) and/or sets (like King-King-King) that will win you the game!

Do you have what it takes to play rummy online and become the champion?

Why Choose KhelPlay Rummy?

With KhelPlay, playing rummy online has never been easier or more secure!

We bring you India’s leading multiplayer rummy app which promises a smooth gaming experience to players. The user-friendly interface and refined graphics will make your favourite game even more fun.

While you play, we take care of protecting your privacy! With our high-end software and advanced security features, 100% transparency is ensured during gaming.

The best part? Registration is quick, easy, and FREE! All you need is your phone and an internet connection, and you can enjoy 24*7 rummy on-the-go.

Download KhelPlay Rummy, the best rummy app which lets you play this thrilling game anywhere, anytime, on your Android mobile or tablet!

About KhelPlay Rummy

We are India’s leading online skill-based card game destination, where you can play virtual rummy free of cost on your PC, tablet, and Android or iOS mobile devices.

In a span of less than eight years, KhelPlay Rummy has made a name for being a fair gaming platform, which has the players’ best interests as its primary goal. Not compromising on the entertainment factor, responsible gaming practices are our norm.

KhelPlay Rummy has established itself as the numero uno platform for online Indian Rummy card games. It holds certifications from renowned accreditation agencies, including iTech Labs, Australia and eCogra, UK, for the gaming software deployed across all its platforms.

It’s the safest and the most enjoyable strategic card game app in the country, and aims to become the trusted rummy partner for millions of Indian rummy enthusiasts.

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