People in India love to play rummy. This is the reason why Indian Rummy is one of the most popular entertainments in most households. If someone is completely new to rummy, you may find it challenging to teach the player these games. Here we have shared how you can teach rummy card games to a friend without much difficulty. You just need to follow this step by step process to ensure your friend understands your favourite card game. So, here we go:

Teach Your Friend the Rummy Terminology
To understand the rules of the rummy card game, it is first important to get a grasp on the terminology used in the game. Indian Rummy card games use the following rummy terminology:

Number Cards: As the name suggests, these are cards in rummy that have numbers on them. Cards from 2 to 10 in signs spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds can be referred to as number cards in rummy games.

Picture Cards: These are cards in rummy that have pictures. The A, K, Q and J are regarded as picture cards.

High Point Cards: Playing cards with greater value are referred to as high point cards. The cards from 6 to 10 in any sign (hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds) are referred to as high point cards. Apart from these, all the picture cards are also referred to as high point cards with value of 10 points.

Low Point Cards: These card playing cards of lower value. Cards of all signs and in the range 2 to5 are referred to as low point cards.

Sequence: A sequence is an arrangement of cards in ascending or descending order of their values. A sequence may be made from number cards, picture cards or a combination of both.

Natural/Pure Sequence: Pure or natural sequence is formed without the use of jokers.

Artificial/Real Sequence: Jokers maybe used to complete the artificial or real sequence.

Joker Cards: Every deck includes cards with joker images on them. These are joker cards and they play the role of wild cards. They may used to complete any sequence or meld except the pure sequence.

Pulled-out Jokers: Apart from the existing jokers in the deck, some cards are randomly pulled out from the deck. All cards of this number are used as jokers. For example, if the K of hearts is pulled out, all kings can be used as jokers.

First Drop: Players can choose to quit the game before playing their first move if they have a poor hand. This is termed as first-drop in rummy card games.

Second Drop: Players can also quit later through the game and it will be referred to as second drop. Points charged for second drop are double the points charged for first drop.

Life: In rummy card games, life is the minimum arrangement of cards upto which a hand is regarded as a full hand. The rules for completing life could be different for different rummy card game variations. In the 13 cards standard rummy variation, one pure sequence and one real sequence are together termed as life.

Melds: Meld or set refers to an arrangement of cards of same value but different signs. For example, 2 of hearts, spades and clubs can together form a meld.

Full Hand: If a player hasn’t completed his life while the opponent called it rummy, the player is said to have a full hand. Maximum points are charged in case of a full hand.

Explain the Rules of the Games
Once you make your friend understand the terminology, you need to teach them the rules of the game. You need to explain the purpose of the game. For instance, in a standard rummy variation, your purpose would be to complete 2 sequences (one pure and one real) and remaining 2 melds or sequences. Just explaining the rules may not make the game clear to the players.

You also need to explain to the friend how to quit at any point in the game. Explain to the friend how points will be charged in different variations of rummy card games. Once they assure you that they have understood the rules, show them a demo.

Show them a Demo Round of the Game
Explaining the rules for the game is like theoretical knowledge. Playing a few demo rounds of rummy card games will give the players practical understanding of the game. You can play the demo rounds offline using a deck of cards. You may otherwise use the online rummy gaming app Khelplay Rummy for demo games. Playing a few rounds is enough for your friend to get a grasp on it.

Clear Any Queries that Pop Up in the Minds of the Friend
There are many questions that will arise in the mind of your friend when he plays a few demo rounds. Now is your time to clear any queries the friend has. If he is playing with practice chips on Khelplay Rummy, you can suggest him to refer FAQs to get doubts cleared.

Provide Them with Strategic Tips to Win the Game
You might have acquired some knowledge regarding strategies to win rummy card games. Be willing to share those tips with your friends. Some good tips could include:

Suggest to your friend the need to arrange the cards properly.
Explain how strategic use of jokers can save a lot of points in rummy games.
Tell them how to constantly reduce points in each move.
Explain how opponent moves may explain what cards the opponent holds.
Additional Tips to Encourage Rummy Love in Your Friend
The Khelplay Rummy app could be a great place for your friend to enhance his knowledge of rummy card games. Help him understand how to get started on the Khelplay Rummy app. Explain how real chips and practice chips are different in Khelplay Rummy. Also share some highlights about the Khelplay Rummy app such as rummy tournaments and the variations of rummy games awaiting each player.

In the Covid-19 pandemic, Khelplay Rummy has helped many a rummy lover to stay happy and entertained even while at home. Make sure your friends also get to enjoy rummy fun on this app.

Author Bio : Nitin Pillai is an avid gamer, and loves to write about the gaming industry. He has worked in this industry for quite some time now, and specializes in video game journalism.

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